Investigator College leads the way in education

CONSCIENTIOUS: Investigator College student Isaac Lush hard at work.
CONSCIENTIOUS: Investigator College student Isaac Lush hard at work.

The new Principal of Investigator College John Robinson is thrilled to be leading a high-achieving school.

The College topped Regional SA's results for Year 9 NAPLAN tests and is also in the top five for Year 3 results.

The College's Deputy Principal, and Director of Teaching and Learning Andrew Panozzo explained that the outstanding results are a culmination of many years of strategic research, innovative teaching and evidence-based approaches.

"The College has partnered with several research institutes, including the University of Southern Queensland, to upskill staff and to provide a whole-of-school plan for outstanding educational outcomes," Mr Panozzo said.

"This has led to a culture that is focussed on student involvement in the whole educational process and the use of a variety of evidence-based practices such as explicit teaching, project-based learning and continual feedback."

Mr Robinson added Investigator College's results actually bucked the national trend of stagnation in Years 7 and 9.

"Our results continue to shine at those levels. It is a credit to all our students and their teachers and reflects Investigator's strong emphasis on wellbeing, through its Positive Education programs, as a support to the focus on academic excellence," Mr Robinson said.

"We are also blessed at the College to be able to attract genuine subject experts in our Middle and Senior years- especially in the areas of Mathematics and Science, which are areas many schools find difficult to fulfil."

Mr Panozzo concluded that the College's results in NAPLAN are evidence that strategies make a difference.

"They are also evidence that our amazing SACE results are no accident. Last year, 42 per cent of our graduates achieved ATAR scores of 90 or above, in line with our results over the past 12 years and also in line with other leading Anglican Colleges," Mr Panozzo said.