Port of Goolwa Mixed Probus return to regular meets


Ph: 0487 217 266.

The Port of Goolwa Mixed Probus Club's recent meeting was held on September 7 at the Goolwa Hotel.

President Deane Leicester welcomed members and visitors to the first meeting after many months' hiatus.

He let members know that Josie Schapel, who had been the guest speaker officer for seven years, had decided to retire.

Josie has given members interesting and inspiring guests, and they showed appreciation and thanks for her good work.

Deane introduced Isabel Hinge as the day's guest speaker.

Isabel - also a Probus member - spoke about her interesting life; her parents were born in North Ireland and came to Australia and settled at Mundulla as dairy farmers, where her father took one of the original blocks.

Isabel and her siblings attended a one teacher school at Jervois West and went to Murray Bridge High School by bus.

She went to teachers college in Adelaide and her first placement was to Mundulla to teach the year one, twos and threes.

She loved her time there and then she met her husband Mostyn, who swept her off her feet with a bunch of red roses, and she resigned to become a wife and mother.

She is very proud of her children as high achievers to this day.

Later on she took up relief teacher work as teachers were in short supply, and was appointed a teacher at the Bordertown kindergarten.

The department of Community Welfare approached her to set up Family Day Care in Bordertown, and she was happy to set up the program.

Isabel then applied at the South East TAFE. She co-ordinated staff of Keith, Penola and Kingston Centres.

During this time she was able to study a Counselling in Relations course and found this an invaluable aid as she met many different people and their problems.

Later she retired to enjoy her garden and family, be with her 12 grandchildren, visit her families, be involved with the Church and guild, and oversee the T&C Plus Group for mothers and children. She loves reading and is a happy resident at Goolwa.

Isabel was given a plant in a appreciation for her interesting chat and the meeting finished with a delicious meal at the Hotel.

This meeting was their first back since before coronavirus restrictions.

Their last outing was a visit to the Port Milang Historic Railway Museum on March 14, where informative volunteers gave them an insight to the workings of the station.

There was plenty to see with interactive displays and collections of South Australian rolling stock and equipment.

They have free train rides on the last Sunday of the month, a craft shop, and Devonshire teas on Sundays, and they are open Saturdays and Sundays noon to 4pm.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, September 28 due to the Public Holiday on October 6, visitors welcome.