A soldier's life shared at Port Goolwa Probus Club

The Port of Goolwa Mixed Probus Club recently got together, holding a group catch up and meeting.

Held on September 28, club members were welcomed by President Deane Leicester who introduced guest speaker Ron Roney.

A Probus member, Mr Roney gave an interesting talk about his life as a career soldier. He grew up the only son in a household of girls, and began his working life as an apprentice boat builder, and loved working with Huron pine. Soon enough, Mr Roney enlisted in the Army Medical Corps, where he performed a number of roles and travelled the world.

He travelled to Malaysia and Singapore attached to the Scots Guards, and spent time with the Gurkhas who he described as very traditional soldiers, strongly attached to their 'Khujures', a type of sword.

Mr Roney also worked in a Leprosy Colony as a medic and went to Ethiopia during a terrible time of drought and famine. Water was very scarce, with many dying at the time.

He was also deployed to Vietnam as an advisor, and worked in US hospitals. He said the many deaths and injuries on both sides of the conflict were distressing.

Mr Roney finished his interesting insight into his life by showing members his war medals and photographs.

The group's next meeting will be held in the Garden room at the Goolwa Hotel at 10.30am, November 2.

For more info, contact: 04 8721 7266.