COVID-19 Rates Relief and Business Support in Yankalilla district

Yankalilla councillor Bruce Spilsbury throws his support behind businesses requiring rate relief.
Yankalilla councillor Bruce Spilsbury throws his support behind businesses requiring rate relief.

It has been a tough time for business during COVID and the District Council of Yankalilla has offered some support by offering rate relief. Three businesses have been successful.

Council waived 50 per cent of three months of lease payments for Adelphies Pty Ltd on their lease on Lot 100 Jetty Road, Normanville Kiosk, for a total value of $4941.19.

Council also provided the following discretionary rebate to Yankalilla Hotel (Pinarello Blues) $11,087 - 50 per cent - $5543.50, Links Lady Bay (Lady Bay Hotel Pty Ltd P/L $3250.85 - 50 per cent - $1625.43 and Links Lady Bay (Lady Bay Pty Ltd) $2499.95 - 50 per cent - $1249.98.

Councillor David Olsson said he was disappointed with the number of applications for rate relief.

"I think we should look at our rates relief program for business. If a small number apply, should we be offering any rate relief at all?" he said.

Councillor Bruce Spilsbury said "there are businesses that have suffered and we should be supporting them".

Council administration will continue investigations into the moving of the Shade Sail from the Centre to the Yankalilla Pocket Park to enable outdoor seating for local Yankalilla Business Patrons.

Council also decided to offer a grant of $2200 to support the Twilight Market project so that they can offer free amusement rides to children, promoting the market and tourism in the district..

Council's 2020/21 budget included an allowance of $65,000 to fund COVID-19 support initiatives.

In August, council resolved the administration investigate and implement partnering with a specialist organisation to offer a COVID-19 business support program within the district.

Local businesses were encouraged to apply for a Discretionary Rebate where they can show that they experienced a greater than 40 per cent downturn in turnover, for any consecutive three month period during the COVID-19 pandemic, compared with the same period the previous year.

Applications were considered by council on a case by case basis.