Shipping container to give business more working area at Normanville beach

Yankalilla Council deputy Mayor Simon Rothwell was against the use of a shipping container at Normanville Beach Cafe.
Yankalilla Council deputy Mayor Simon Rothwell was against the use of a shipping container at Normanville Beach Cafe.

The Normanville Beach Café request for lease for a shipping container on Lot 100 and Lot 430 has been supported by councillors on a month-to-month basis at a fixed fee of $600 per calendar month.

The District Council of Yankalilla owns the land and the Normanville Beach Café building and leases the Café to external operators.

The decision caused a split among elected members.

Councillor Simon Rothwell said there was a lack of a need for the container.

"I am not sure it fits with our Masterplan, as we do have a kiosk and there is no reason for it," Cr Rothwell said.

Councillor David Olsson said it was "premature". "I understand it could happen when the build is underway," he said.

Mayor Glen Rowlands was staggered the use of the container could go ahead.

"It is pre-empting something and it is not attractive. I am not happy with this and it is not something we want temporary," Mayor Rowlands said.

Councillor Bruce Spilsbury said there was "no major drama and the container would take some pressure off the kiosk".

After discussion the use of the container was supported with a division called.

For the container were councillors' Bruce Spilsbury, Alistair Christie, Davina Quirke, Bill Verwey and Peter O'Neil and against were Mayor Glen Rowlands, councillors David Olsson, Leon Zarins and Simon Rothwell.

In October 2015 the Directors of Aldelphies Pty Ltd purchased the Lease of the Normanville Beach Café from the then Lessee, Annacarllia Pty Ltd.

The original lease of the Café was granted to Lessee Annacarllia Pty Ltd commencing on January 1, 2007 for five years with three rights of renewal of five years expiring on December 31, 2026.

A substantial investment was made by the new Lessees to completely renovate the internal design and kitchen of the café and a complete refurbishment of plant and equipment.

The Café under the management of Aldelphies Pty Ltd was opened to the public on December 22, 2015 and has continued to trade since.

The Directors of Aldelphies Pty Ltd approached council to seek consent to increase the area under the lease to take advantage of additional takeaway facilities and to provide additional seating under roof during COVID-19 restrictions by providing a Shipping Container kitchen at the side of the Café by increasing the leased area by 35 square metres. (2.5m x 14m).

The container will later be used, should the combined Surf Life Saving Club and Kiosk be built and a temporary move is required, during construction of the new building.

It is proposed that all costs associated with the construction and legal fees for the preparation of the agreement will be borne by the Lessee. This has been agreed to by the Lessee.

The proposed container area will need to ensure compliance with planning requirements and Fire Safety requirements.

The shipping container will be located on a temporary basis and to be used as a kitchen and kiosk behind the kiosk.