Items for a fire kit that double as great Christmas gifts

Ideal gifts to give for the fire kit

Let's be honest, beyond the gift giving spectacle that happens each Christmas, most of us just hope to give something our loved ones find useful.

For many regional and rural Australians, the festive season is also bushfire season. It's therefore the ideal opportunity to give something that can be enjoyed at home, but also form part of their integral fire kit.

Here's some suitable gift ideas for this Christmas.

Woollen blanket

In an emergency, a 100 per cent woollen blanket can be used to cover the body and provide a protective barrier against flames. Wool is naturally flame-resistant (withstanding temperatures of up to 600°) and never melts, so it doesn't stick to the skin like many everyday synthetics.

Tasmanian wool mill Waverley Mills recently released a range of luxury merino wool blankets (pictured above) that are not only a stylish addition for the home, but also an essential fire safety item.

Too useful to store away during summer, this blanket would also be the ideal addition at a family picnic.


Together with being a beautifully ambient addition to any home, candles are also helpful if there is an unexpected power outage (which may happen during a bushfire). Look for quality packaging to up the ante on the giftable stakes, and also gift wrap a box of waterproof matches in case they're needed in an emergency situation.

Pocket knife

This nifty device should also be part of any home fire kit, as the multiple tools make it helpful in a variety of emergency situations. A pocket knife is also handy on summer camping trips and often a hit with kids (when supervised by an adult, naturally).

Contact book

Beautifully bounds versions are a real treasure, and can be used to note daily musings, but also important contacts, insurance details and other vital information you should also have in your smartphone (an additional hard copy is always a wise move).

Water bottles

Kids can never have too many water bottles during summer, making sturdy and brightly coloured ones a top stocking filler. They're also invaluable to a fire kit, so keep a few in the house and also in the car.


If you know your loved one hasn't replaced their towels for a while, what might seem like a naff gift they already own could one day be a godsend. They can serve multiple functions when part of a home fire kit, so visit a manchester shop today.

Battery operated radio

During a fire you need to be able to tune into your local emergency broadcast for critical announcements. Also great for summer holidays and camping trips, check out your local camping store for options.

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Amid the season's greetings and fa-la-la-la-la, don't forget to make sure you've created a fire kit, or that your current supplies are complete and ready in the event of an emergency.

Here are some other essentials your should consider this season - ones that probably don't double as great Christmas gift ideas (hence the omission of money!).

  1. Medications, toiletries and sanitary supplies
  2. Mobile phone charger
  3. Spare batteries
  4. Important documents, valuables and photos (in a waterproof bag)
  5. A change of clothes for everyone
  6. Plenty of drinking water
  7. First aid kit
  8. P2 (dust) face mask and sturdy boots
  9. Dried fruit and packaged food
  10. A favourite and familiar item for the kids
  11. Essentials for your pet - lead, food, medication, etc.