Voice of Real Australia presents Hear Them Raw a podcast from the Land, stories of resilience from the bush.

Voice of Real Australia presents Hear Them Raw, a podcast from the Land.

The series is presented and produced by Tamworth-based journalist Lucy Kinbacher who travelled across NSW documenting the voices of the true warriors of the bush.

Lucy says the idea for the podcast came as agriculture became prominent in the mainstream media during the drought.

"Pictures of sobbing farmers and sad and skinny livestock were plastered on newspapers and TV screens across the country.

"It portrayed a 'poor me' stereotype, when really the members of our rural community overcome battles every single day without fanfare, and we should be inspired by that, not upset," she said.

Mike Wilson at his home in Armidale. Photo: Lucy Kinbacher

Mike Wilson at his home in Armidale. Photo: Lucy Kinbacher

Lucy has been invited inside the homes of teenage paraplegics, widowed farmers, bushfire victims, and those struck with rare illnesses, seeking out uplifting stories of unimaginable courage.

Voice of Real Australia is honoured to present this, at times heartbreaking, but truly inspiring podcast.

It's not an easy fight and getting knocked down in life is a given but getting up is a choice so I chose to get up

Mike Wilson

You'll hear the most recent episode about Mike Wilson a beloved livestock agent. In 2019 a doctor told him he had six weeks to live. But Mike wasn't going to die without a fight.

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Read Mike's story on The Land.

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