Victor Harbor's Albert Place to receive a face lift

ALBERT PLACE NEXT: City of Victor Harbor CEO Victoria MacKirdy and Mayor Moira Jenkins with the concept drawings of Stage 4 of the Mainstreet Precinct upgrade.
ALBERT PLACE NEXT: City of Victor Harbor CEO Victoria MacKirdy and Mayor Moira Jenkins with the concept drawings of Stage 4 of the Mainstreet Precinct upgrade.

Stage 4 design of the Victor Harbor Mainstreet upgrade is currently being completed.

Council and the project team is intent on completing the design and seek grant funding support for the construction of Stage 4.

The project is currently at the last stage of seeking approval to proceed to final design completion, intended to be construction ready and submitted for future grant funding support.

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) announced the next round of Places for People grant funding, with applications closing on February 19. This funding source has been a reliable funding partner for numerous council projects, one which will be applied for regarding the construction and delivery of the Mainstreet Street Stage 4 project.

Applications for other grant funding will be considered and pursued when rounds are released.

Two presentations have been provided by Oxigen on the Mainstreet Stage 4 Design in May and November, 2020.

City of Victor Harbor CEO Victoria MacKirdy said the project had progressed to the 60 per cent design completion phase, with Oxigen offering a final design and subsequent direction for council's consideration as a result referred to the 'Overall Proposal'

"The predominant design issues to consider to date are stormwater design, as the existing stormwater infrastructure is proposed to be completely replaced, with the rationale and design approach proposing to relocate the stormwater to a central alignment within the Ocean Street roadway," Ms MacKirdy said.

"This will allow for planting of the new street trees and avoids a conflict with the existing stormwater system and its alignment, it will achieve suitable kerb heights (to council's requirements), reduce the number of clashes with adjacent existing and new services and provide increased flow, as new pipes have a slightly larger capacity."

SA Water are likely to propose to relocate the mains water to the centre of Ocean Street and this provides the opportunity for the new stormwater alignment to be centred to the road

"The outdoor dining design elements will clearly delineate the outdoor dining lease areas compared to the public real areas to be under the management of council," Ms MacKirdy said.

"For example, fronting Subway and/or the Hotel Crown, the outdoor dining lease areas will be vacant, with the filling in of infrastructure such as wind breaks, chairs, tables etc. to be resolved, but provided by the owner/tenant in accordance with Council Outdoor Dining."

The landscaping features and street furniture bordering the perimeter of these leased areas however, will be the responsibility of council regarding its establishment, maintenance and ongoing management.

It is proposed to undertake a final consultation phase with outdoor dining businesses prior to finalising the design, this also includes the potential inclusion of fencing/screening to the car park areas for the Hotel Crown in Ocean Street and the rear of the Subway shop in Albert Place.

Traffic safety barriers for outdoor dining areas will also been included and integrated within the design, particularly at the end of Ocean Street.

Street tree numbers have increased from an existing four to twenty seven new/proposed, consisting of twenty three deciduous trees and four palms.

The street tree selection recommended for Albert Place will be Melia Elite, the same as within Railway Terrace and the Railway Plaza project. This selection is suggested by both Oxigen and key council staff with the appropriate expertise, qualifications and experience.

"A final, independent disability access audit and design overview is yet to be completed, ensuring the final design and documentation offers the highest level of safe and convenient access for the general public, which is particularly important in Victor Harbor given the ageing demographic and significance of the Mainstreet Precinct to the local visitor economy," Ms MacKirdy said.

It is proposed to provide two disability access car parking spaces (one currently exists) in addition to twenty five standard spaces which includes the loading zones (located in their approximate, current locations).

An approximate cost estimate to deliver the construction phase of the project is currently $6.3 million.

"Timing and progression of the design is important, as it intended to use these plans for leveraging future grant funding support for the next construction and project delivery phase, potentially aiming to start construction in May 2022," Ms MacKirdy said.


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