Talk dissects the streets of Adelaide city

Dr Jeffery Nicholas

Dr Jeffery Nicholas

Adelaide holds the distinction of being the first town-planned city in the world.

The newly-planned city had its major streets named after people relevant to the city's foundation time.

To explain this, Dr Jeffery Nicholas will present a talk titled 'Behind the Streets of Adelaide' on February 15, at the Gospel Centre, 2 Main George Road, Victor Harbor.

He will discuss the stories behind the names of Adelaide's most important streets in his lecture to Australian Fine and Decorative Arts Society (ADFAS) Fleurieu members and guests.

The talk will introduce the men and women after whom the streets and squares of Adelaide were named, and explain why they earned that honour.

In May 1837, a 12-member committee met to name the principal streets on Colonel William Light's newly-completed survey plan of the city.

Most streets were named after members of the South Australian Commission, Members of Parliament, who supported the South Australian Bill, directors of the South Australian Company and early colonial office bearers.

Dr Nicholas, a retired academic from Flinders University, is the author of the 2016 book Biographical History behind the Streets of Adelaide.

His talk will be the first ADFAS Fleurieu lecture for 2021.

Members and guests will be welcome to register for the talk from 10am on February 15, with the lecture beginning at 10.30am.

Non-members are welcome, dependent on COVID-19 restrictions and space availability, to attend two lectures a year.

Bookings for non-members (at $25 per person) can be made by calling ADFAS Fleurieu on 0452 556 193.