Port Elliot surf lifesavers perform well

Normanville hosted the fourth Junior Surf Lifesaving Carnival for the season on Sunday, February 21, with clubs from across South Australia taking part.

The flags and sprint events were qualifying events for the state titles which will be held in Seacliff next month.

The distance run was also a state title event with medals presented on the day.

In addition there were a range of other carnival events for the juniors to showcase their skills in board paddling, swimming and wading.

Port Elliot Surf Lifesaving Club sent more than 35 competitors who competed in at least five events each over the day.

Elle Rose Shearer earned a state gold medal in the under 13 girls distance run, showing both her determination and domination of this event with her clear race plan on the day.

Port Elliot juniors were successful in qualifying for sprints and flags for state titles across all age groups.


U8 flags qualifiers - Audrey Hall, Milton Giles

U9 flags qualifiers - Oliver Twelftree, Sol Gillies, Taj Radcliffe, Seb Roesler

U9 sprints qualifiers - Oliver Twelftree

U10 flags qualifiers - Hamish French, Bailey Leech, Tommy Shearer, Matilda Trevorrow, Annabelle DeLuca, Ruby Keam

U10 sprints qualifiers - Jade McLaren, Hamish, Bailey, Tommy, Matilda, Annabell, Ruby

U11 flags qualifiers - Ayla Gillies, Lexi DeLuca. Phoebe Maksimovic, Zeb Bond, Jimmy Birkitt

U11 sprints qualifiers - Ayla, Lexi

U12 flags qualifiers - Zoe Palmer, Ava Turley, Bailey DeLuca

U12 sprints qualifiers - Mecki Roelser, Shyla Webster, Zoe, Ava, Bailey

U13 flags qualifiers - Lily Jenke, Elle Rose Shearer, Ella Keam, Elijah Jucius, Mani Radcliffe

U13 sprints qualifiers - Keat Hendriks, Tayla Webster, Lily, Elle Rose

U13 Ironperson qualifier - Elle Rose Shearer