Little athletes enjoy race walking masterclass

Trained by the best: South Coast Little Athletics members enjoy a race walking session run by Bob Cruise.
Trained by the best: South Coast Little Athletics members enjoy a race walking session run by Bob Cruise.

A number of keen South Coast Little Athletics members had the chance to engage in a race walking masterclass last week, when internationally recognised trainer and judge Bob Cruise visited the club.

Mr Cruise is a decorated race walking official, a Little Athletics Australia Hall of Fame member and former national coach and Olympic Games judge.

Both kids and parents at South Coast Little Athletics (SCLA) were able to gain some great insight into the art of race walking, before Mr Cruise ran the athletes through an extensive training session.

Mr Cruise said he enjoyed his experience visiting Victor Harbor and helping passionate athletes improve their skills.

"I visit little athletics clubs specifically to teach race walking, and through that I'm able to make more people aware of the sport," he said.

"We run the kids through drills and activities and hopefully some ways of improving their performances and technique.

"The kids really enjoy it and get to have a bit of fun as well. Little athletics is really about letting the kids have fun and developing their skills to find which specific events and sports suit them best."

SCLA president Gordon Scott said it was great to have someone of Mr Cruise's calibre visiting the club.

"Race walking is a very specialised event within a number of other events we do, so it's great to get that insight," he said.

"Our own race walk coach Trevor Mayhew is also really great and he organised this whole event."

"Overall, Little Athletics can provide a foundation for any other sport kids might be taking part in. We work on building strength in all muscle groups so that the kids get a more holistic education in sport.

"Kids who have grown up within the club tend to achieve highly in other sports because they are technically good athletes."

Mr Scott said the club welcomed any interested kids or families to get involved at SCLA.

"Kids can come out and learn to run and move and how to have strength across the body and to improve their fine motor skills," he said.

"Anyone interested can look us up on Facebook or directly contact us through our website.

"It's a cost effective way of getting involved in sports and we really focus on the individual child and their continual improvement and development."