"Finniss to the front", says independent candidate Lou Nicholson

New contender: Lou Nicholson will run as an independent candidate for Finniss in the 2022 state election. Photo: Jack Manning.

New contender: Lou Nicholson will run as an independent candidate for Finniss in the 2022 state election. Photo: Jack Manning.

"Finniss to the Front" is the campaign slogan of independent candidate Lou Nicholson, who has thrown her hat in the ring ahead of the the 2022 state election.

An occupational therapist and young mother, Ms Nicholson and her family have lived in the region for four years.

"I really think our wonderful region is taken for granted and we don't have a loud voice, advocating for issues down here," Ms Nicholson said.

"We have a really culturally significant area and environment and the people here are important and deserve a loud voice in Parliament.

"As a safe Liberal seat, I'm beginning to understand that there's the potential we are not getting the attention we deserve. This means we don't get the attention from Labor either and that's disappointing for our community."

Ms Nicholson said she was "really excited" to offer strong competition as an independent candidate.

At the top of her priorities is advocating for the upgrade and funding of local health services.

"The sense from the community that I get is that issues have been in conversation for years... indicating that their voices aren't being heard," she said.

"The hospital and the Southern Fleurieu Health Service is in need of a real injection of funding.

"Recent federal funding allocated had to change from going toward renal dialysis beds to upgrading the emergency department and it's a matter of limited funding having to be prioritised with no reassurance that there will be further funding to come.

"Health services are under-resourced; in particular the palliative care service, and the community is calling out for a dedicated hospice."

Ms Nicholson said she would work hard to amplify the voices of the community and listen to concerns raised.

"Change takes a lot of effort... it takes the community to lead and work together and I really want to encourage and promote that," she said.

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"I am running with the intention of putting Finniss to the front and not letting any other interests or obligations get in front of what our area and people need.

"I will put Finniss to the front in everything I do and every decision, and I don't think that is being done at the moment.

"I feel strongly about the benefits of independent candidates being able to truly advocate for the people in their community, rather than having duties and obligations to a party line or interest.

"This includes working for the community and not having to be anywhere else or assisting anyone else."