Peter and June celebrate 50 years of marriage

Happy couple: Peter and June Wass celebrate their Golden wedding anniversary (50 years). Photo: Jack Manning.
Happy couple: Peter and June Wass celebrate their Golden wedding anniversary (50 years). Photo: Jack Manning.

Peter and June Wass (nee Milsom) are gearing up to celebrate a particularly special milestone - their 50th wedding anniversary.

The couple met during the mid 1960s at the South Adelaide Table Tennis Club, where June was secretary and Peter was a member.

They developed a friendship before June spent some time overseas. Following her return, a romance blossomed and the couple - then in their twenties - became engaged.

"When she came back from overseas, I looked at her and thought wow she looks pretty good," joked Peter.

"I wasn't going to let her slip this time."

Their engagement lasted seven months, before they were married on June 5, 1971, at the Church of England at Henley Beach.

Not long afterward, the happy couple built their family home at Aldgate, where they lived for many years and raised their two children, daughter Alison and son Ashley.

Peter worked as a banker in Adelaide for many years and also had a gardening round in the Hills, while June worked as an office worker and a piano teacher. She is still a keen classical pianist today.

The couple have always been involved in sport, with Peter having spent years playing table tennis, golf and cricket in the Adelaide Hills.

These days, Peter and June are passionately involved with the Victor Harbor Bowling Club, as well as Meals on Wheels, where they have spent many years volunteering.

"Having shared interests and passions as well as supporting one another are very important to our marriage," June said.

"Our children and grand children are of great interest to us... we have seven grand children so they keep us busy."

The couple are also keen travellers and spent much time travelling around Australia in their caravan. They look back fondly at travelling the country while their children were young.

Peter and June moved to Victor Harbor more than five years ago and currently live in McCracken with a lovely view of the sea. They enjoy daily walks with their border collie who keeps them busy and active.

To celebrate their anniversary on Saturday, the Wass' will do what they do best - play bowls for Victor Harbor, before enjoying "a nice meal."

On Sunday, they will celebrate the occasion as well as June's birthday with family.