Wildlife warrior speaks to Probus

Bee and insect hotels, bat flats, bird and possum boxes aid wildlife, which are having their own accommodation crisis!

Bee and insect hotels, bat flats, bird and possum boxes aid wildlife, which are having their own accommodation crisis!

The meeting of the Goolwa Mixed Probus Club was on July 5 at the Goolwa Hotel, where president Barbara Edwards welcomed members and guests.

Activity officer Pauline Wegener told members about the enjoyable trip to Victor Harbor to visit the Encounter Coast Discovery Centre Museum and guest speaker was South Coast Environment Centre co-ordinator Gayl Males, who gave an enlightening talk on how important it is to protect the environment. .

Attendees were given an informative tour with a guide who took them through the different stages of Victor Harbor and surrounds.

There were visual displays and historic photographs.

Then members went on to the old quaint cottage, with displays of how people lived, every room telling a story with the antique furniture, art and nick knacks.

They went to the Crown Hotel for a delicious meal - a big thanks to Pauline.

Gayl Males explained there are many ways to protect the wildlife, like creating a wildlife-friendly garden, having a good habitat garden that will attract birds, insects, lizards, frogs and butterflies, growing native trees and plants, and having birdbaths and supplying fresh water in shallow dishes. Other tips included having ponds that support native plants plus aquatic fish and or frogs, and having bark, mulch and hollow logs for the smaller invertebrates.

Removal of mature trees, logs and fallen limbs in suburban areas have resulted in loss of natural hollows for birds and possums, as well as safe areas for koalas.

The devastation of bushfires, droughts and floods have decimated many valuable wildlife almost into extinction.

Gayl said dogs were being trained to seek out feral cats.

You can pop in to the Centre at Coral Street, Victor Harbor, opposite the Hotel Grosvenor, or ring 8552 9423, or visit info@scecentre.com.au

Gayl really opened members' eyes as to how precious Australian flora and fauna is to the country, and was given a gift of appreciation for speaking about such an important topic.

The next meeting will be held on August 2, which will be the club's 27th birthday. Guests are welcome to pop in.



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