ADFAS to host 'Music and the Church' lecture

This year our excellent presenters have given us a glimpse of award-winning local architecture, the history of floral art painting and, most recently, insights into the life and art of Nora Heysen.

For our next presentation we welcome Colin Macdonald and his topic Music and the Church.

Colin Macdonald is a Law graduate from the University of Melbourne and for six years he arranged and presented programs for the ABC's classical music network. In his student days he sang bass in a traditional Anglican choir.

We all recognise the sound of a traditional hymn, a Christmas carol and many pieces of church music used today for a variety of occasions, but what do we really know about the origins of church music?

Colin Macdonald will take us on a journey to illustrate how music in western civilisation developed hand in hand with the growing power of the church.

The church was by far the major employer of musicians and composers for many centuries. Apparently the union of music and church nearly didn't happen and there have been bitter disputes about the place of music in religious services.

For example, Cromwell's Puritan government in mid-17th century England banned the use of music in church services and removed the organ from mast cathedrals and churches.

Colin's presentation will be enhanced by interludes of music.

Lecture Topic: Music and the church

When: Monday August 2, 2021. ADFAS Fleurieu lectures begin at 10.30am

Venue: Gospel Centre, 2 George Main Road, victor Harbor 5211

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