Qld restrictions tighten on NRL families

COVID-19 protocols are becoming tighter for NRL players and their families in Queensland.
COVID-19 protocols are becoming tighter for NRL players and their families in Queensland.

The reunion of NRL players and their families hit another stumbling block on Thursday as the Queensland government imposed new restrictions on hotels where the visitors are quarantining.

Restrictions on the 500-odd family members who had arrived in the state 24 hours prior were tightened suddenly, meaning they could no longer leave the floor of their hotel room during their 14-day quarantine.

Prior to the new restrictions the families could attend three meals a day in the dining rooms, but now all meals are served in their hotel rooms.

They are also now unable to walk outside in family groups around the grounds, which has added significant stress for parents with young children who left NSW assured they would have some freedoms.

The last minute call threw the families into a spin with the hotels not prepared to handle the sudden readjustment in protocols.

On Thursday morning the NRL was working to ease the situation which threatens to force some families with young children to leave the state after only arriving on Wednesday.

It comes as the Queensland government closes the border to NSW from 1am on Friday following 124 new locally acquired COVID-19 cases in the state on Thursday.

Crowds will also be reduced to 75 per cent at stadiums in Queensland with masks mandatory for spectators.

The growing situation in Sydney has forced clubs to accept that they may spend the rest of the season in Queensland, while the NRL is also looking at moving the grand final to Suncorp Stadium.

The draw for the next few rounds is expected to be finalised late on Thursday or Friday with a number of different regional venues yet to be ticked off by the NRL.

Australian Associated Press