Sydney rules on regional travel could tighten, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard says

Real estate loopholes and other permissions for Sydneysiders to travel into the regions amid COVID lockdown could be tightened, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has foreshadowed.

Mr Hazzard raised the issue at Tuesday's press conference when authorities were asked about exemptions, including people with multiple houses, stepping outside the strict rules geared toward fighting the Delta variant.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said "people know what is right and what is wrong" before asking Mr Hazzard to handle the question.


Mr Hazzard said he believed the issue was that "it is difficult in regards to houses in different areas".

"An example would be a doctor that lived in Sydney but alsowent to the regions for three days a week, four days a week, and had a house there," he said.

"It is challenging, but I have said to our legal department to see what we can do about tightening ..."

Mr Hazzard said that while rules could shift, the principles behind them were simple.

He pointed to the virus transmitting from southwestern Sydney to Newcastle, then on to Armidale and Tamworth, as a sign that things were happening under lockdown that should not despite the efforts of legislators and police.

"Clearly the rule now is that you shouldn't just travel from one house to the other ... you should choose one house and stay there," he said.

"You can't legislate against arrogance, stupidity and entitlement."

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