Australian Census 2021: You didn't do the Census, what's next

ABS have said don't despair if you haven't done your Census yet. Photo: FILE.
ABS have said don't despair if you haven't done your Census yet. Photo: FILE.

Don't worry, there's still time! You'll get a reminder letter in the next few weeks and maybe even a visitor down the track.

The next morning the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated they'd received 6,229,629 forms by 8am.

But what happens if you're one of the other 3.5 million households? If you didn't fill out the Census? Maybe you got too busy or just plain forgot?

It is true that you can receive a fine of up to $222 a day.

According to the ABS website the Census is compulsory for everyone in your household on Census night.

But don't despair, the ABS say there's still time, and if you need a hand there's people for that too.

Want to know what we learned from the last Census?

If you haven't done the Census by mid-August you will receive a reminder letter in the mail. If the ABS still hasn't heard from you by late August, they'll send someone to your house to see what's going on.

The point of the Census is to help shape decisions around transport, health, education and infrastructure around the country.

The data collected by the Census will be released in three phases, June 2022 for key demographic, cultural diversity and health data, October 2022 for employment, educational qualifications and internal migration data and mid-2023 for more complex data.

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