Daniel Andrews provides COVID update after Victoria records 24 cases

Coronavirus testing was the theme of the day with 31,519 test results received overnight but Premier Daniel Andrews said this was not enough.

"That is not high enough and I would ask every single Victorian, regardless of where you live, your circumstances, if you register any symptoms at all, please come forward and get tested," he said.

Mr Andrews urged residents of Port Philip, Glen Ira and Bayside area to come forward and get tested after additional coronavirus cases were detected.

The Premier said there was financial support available for those who needed it to go and get tested.

"If you are a casual worker or someone who doesn't have savings to fall back on and you will miss a shift or be away from work while you isolate waiting for your results, 99 per cent of which are provided the following day, then there is a $450 payment which we will make to you promptly," he said.

"So you will not be financially worse off for having done the right thing by your family and every family, by getting tested and isolating until hopefully you get the all clear.

"Nothing is more important than people who have registered any symptoms at all coming forward and getting tested."

There are currently 227 active coronavirus cases across the state and there was an additional case today in hotel quarantine, with 24 new locally-acquired coronavirus cases since Monday.

Of the new locally-acquired cases, 21 are linked to known outbreak and 14 were in isolation during their infectious period.

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said yesterday's announcement of additional lockdown restrictions on Melbourne have now come into effect and work permits would be necessary from 11.59pm tonight.

"I want to thank everyone who's now got the difficult task ahead of abiding by all of these directions," he said.

"That means observing the curfew from tonight and tomorrow, if you're an authorised worker to be travelling with your permit.


"It wasn't easy to make these decisions, as I said yesterday, but it was essential. We have to get ahead of this. We have to get on top of it to bring the case numbers down that remain high.

"From 9pm, there are really few reason to leave your home in metropolitan Melbourne; authorised work, health and medical reasons or an emergency circumstance and when you come to work tomorrow, if you're an authorised worker, you will need a permit.

Insert: Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Insert: Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

"We made further changes to make it clear that exercise is not an opportunity to socialise in large groups and that taking your mask off is not an opportunity for social drinking.

"Playgrounds are closed, again, a difficult decision."

Of today's 25 cases, three were unlinked and Health Department deputy secretary Kate Matson broke down the cases.

"Three cases are linked to Al-Taqwa College all households contacts and all were in isolation," she said. "Nine cases linked to Glenroy West primary school, one student and eight household contacts. All were in isolation.

"We have four cases linked to the St Kilda East community outbreak. Three are social contacts from a private gathering and one case is a work-related contact providing care.

"Two cases are linked to the housing tower at 480 Lygon Street in Carlton, one is a resident of that building and one person was providing care to that resident.

"Three cases are linked to the Newport community outbreak, two being household contacts of previously confirmed cases, those two contacts were all in isolation. One is a separate social contact."

Ms Matson also broke down the three unlinked cases of coronavirus revealed today.

"One case is a St Kilda resident without clear links to other cases," she said. "Two further cases are known to each other but again, their source of acquisition is unknown.

"Someone a City of Melbourne resident and one is a St Kilda resident.

"There are over 14,400 primary close contacts across Victoria now, we cleared 700 yesterday and we are facing into clearances of approximately 8,000 over the next couple of days.

"The unlinked cases we have got are concerning and they are starting to centre around a certain geographic area of Melbourne related to the St Kilda area.

"We are not seeing testing rates high enough and we are concerned that there are cases here that we do not yet know about.

"These cases got the virus from somewhere, the virus is circulating in those geographic areas of Melbourne."

Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said there was still "a significant number of police" involved in enforcement operations along the NSW border.

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