Jennifer Game will stand for the Senate at the 2022 Federal election

FLAG'S Peter Manuel with One Nation Senate candidate Jennifer Game.
FLAG'S Peter Manuel with One Nation Senate candidate Jennifer Game.

Jennifer Game hopes she will be successful at the next federal election and become an important voice for South Australia.

Ms Game is the One Nation candidate for a Senate position in 2022.

"The impact I would have as a Senator from South Australia would depend on the makeup of the Senate after the next election," Ms Game said.

"If One Nation shared the balance of power in the Senate, then I would pursue the policies of the party, particularly the return of basic freedoms, a return to the basics in education so that students leave the school system with the vocational basics of reading, writing, numeracy, historical research skills and the ability to think critically.

"I want to see electricity prices fall because energy poverty is a real issue for those on a pension and particularly single people."

Ms Game has the support of Peter Manuel who is chair of Food Producers Landowners Action Group (FLAG). The group supports the rights of farmers.

"I met Peter Manuel at a FLAG candidate night in 2019 when I was the Senate candidate for One Nation. I am not a member of FLAG, but I have kept up my contact with Peter who has talked with me about the issues facing farmers in SA and made the time to show me dams with low flow bypasses and planting of scrub which act as fire corridors," Ms Game said.

"We also share the same view on vaccine choice and don't support vaccine passports.

"If elected to the Senate, I want to see the permanent migration program slowed because it will reduce pressure on health services, education, roads, water, the environment and housing affordability. I will be supporting tourist operators and food producers.

"I will support the farmers right to build dams and clear the land necessary to have financially viable farms. I will be supporting public access to water ownership registers and trading. I want to see rural fire services and farm based fire units better provisioned with modern equipment and support.

"I want jobs created in areas outside the city. As it stands 600-900 billion litres of water evaporates from Lake Alexandrina each year, which keeps the 14 million European Carp in the lake cool in summer, but in my view 100 billion litres of fresh clean Murray River water would serve South Australia better by creating 6000 jobs in agriculture."

Ms Game currently works as a senior policy adviser to Senator Pauline Hanson and is a member of her parliamentary staff.

"I provide advice to her on any matter she requests in the areas where I am qualified to do so which are tax law and earth sciences. I attend the annual Budget Lockdown and provide advice to her on Budget proposals," Ms Game said.

"I prepare Private Senator Bills. My special interests are foreign investment, water ownership and policy, including the Murray River, taxation including multinational taxation and the petroleum resource rent tax, which is intended to get payment for offshore oil and gas, climate, energy policy including electricity, offshore oil and gas."

Ms Game met Pauline Hanson shortly after she had been elected in 2016 and was offered a job on the basis of her tax law degree and experience. Only later did Ms Game's earth science degree become of interest to Ms Hanson because she had also studied meteorology, geology, geography, botany and zoology.

"Pauline asks probing questions about the government's proposed legislation. She likes to know the policy intention behind the legislation and she always looks at how it will affect people," Ms Game said.

"When Labor would not support the government's personal tax cuts in 2018 beyond $90,000 a year, she wanted to see the taxable income by occupation categories. Once she saw miners, plumbers, electricians, policemen and policewomen, school teachers and other essential workers like nurses were reporting taxable incomes between $90,000 and $180,000 she decided to support the personal tax cuts which Labor would have denied.

"She refused to support corporate income tax cuts for companies with a turnover beyond $50 million because she wanted to support small to medium businesses. It took nearly a year before she told the government she had finalised her position on personal and company tax cuts and these decisions were on talking to a lot of people and they were based on evidence."

Ms Game said Ms Hanson was practical and sensible and continually talked to people about their views and a great listener.

"I have come to respect her ability to distill complex issues and to communicate them. I like her. She is good company at any time," Ms Game said.

The voters will decide whether One Nation candidates will be elected and consequently whether One Nation will be relevant in SA.

The federal party will stand candidates in the Senate and also most, if not all the federal seats, including Mayo and Barker.

"We will offer an alternative. The State Party will stand candidates in the House of Assembly and the Legislative Council. We will stand candidates in electorates outside metropolitan Adelaide," Ms Game said.

"In 2019 when I ran in the Senate and the party contested one federal seat - One Nation received 9.8 per cent of the Senate vote after preferences. We received the fourth largest number of primary votes outside of the two big parties and the Greens.

"We are better organised than at any previous time and we will offer an alternative to the sameness of the two big parties."


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