The Informer: Victoria will not allow unvaccinated tennis players into state

Andrews returns serve over unvaccinated players

Unvaccinated tennis players have been served an ace by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Earlier, Prime Minister Scott Morrison had flagged the possibility of unvaccinated players being able to enter the country for the Australian Open if they were granted an exemption and completed 14 days of hotel quarantine.

But Mr Andrews was quick to return serve, saying he wouldn't apply for an exemption for unvaccinated tennis players to enter Australia.

"I am not going to ask and require people sitting in the grandstand, people working at the event to be vaccinated while players aren't," Mr Andrews said.

The nation's COVID vaccine roll out got off to a really shaky start, but thanks to the tireless efforts of our communities we have reached crucial targets.

This means not only have we protected ourselves and our loved ones, we're also slowly returning to a more normal way of living.

But don't roll down those sleeves just yet.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has granted provisional approval for Australians aged 18 and over to receive a booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

It was recommended the third jab be given at least six month's after a person's second dose.

Australians aged 12 and over who have severely compromised immune systems are already eligible to get their booster shot.

As we all try to lighten our carbon footprint, have you ever thought about what happens to your old shoes?

Shoe components take more than 1000 years to breakdown, but a new national recycling initiative, TreadLightly, is taking our smelly runners and turning them into mats and flooring for retail stores, gyms and playgrounds.

Find out where your nearest drop-off point is at treadlightly.asga.com.au.

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