'Master at work' wins Goolwa Camera Club perpetual trophy

Synergy, serenity and storytelling are just some of the main elements needed in a great photo, and the winning entries of this year's Goolwa Camera Club competition reflected that, and more.

This year the Image of the Year title, which was awarded the Peter Reedman Perpetual Trophy was a photo taken by Roger Shelden, entitled 'Big Al on Lathe'.

Judge Keith Seidel said the picture was an interesting study of a wood worker in action.

"People at work photographs need everything in the photograph working together to become special in some way - 'Big Al on the Lathe' combined a good study of Al with a delicate handling of light and composition," Mr Seidel said.

"The workshop elements included in the photograph supported and explained the action at the lathe.

"It all came together with quality printing that bought out the story with a visual clarity that warranted recognition."

Runner-up for the Image of the Year was a print by Beth Nixon entitled 'Red-Necked Avocets and Pied Stilt'.

Other finalists included A New Day by Grant Petras; The Breakaways by Jan Baskerville; Barking Owl by Wendy Ferry; and Lake Bonney Sunrise by Marnie Dixon.

In the category of Digital Projected - Colour, Barry Peart took the prize with his photo called 'Exploring, with Don Cannan runner-up with 'Break Away'.

Finalists included works by Roger Shelden, Peter Bowey, John Firth, Gary Wilson, David Gabbusch, Barry Peart, Elizabeth Yeatman, Don Richardson, Jan Baskerville, Don Cannan, Sue Warner and Grant Petras.

Winner of the Digital Projected - Mono category was John Fiith with 'Hey' with Don Cannan's 'Line in the Sand' as runner-up.

Finalists included Grant Petras, Peter Bowey, Roger Shelden, Don Richardson and Elizabeth Yeatman.

In the Projected - Goolwa & Surrounds category Elisabeth Yeatman took the award with 'Around Goolwa' with Roger Shelden's 'Goolwa Wharf View' as runner-up.

Other finalists included Marnie Dixon, Wendy Ferry, Roger Shelden, Grant Petras, Beth Nixon, Don Richardson, Wendy Ferry and David Gabbusch.

Beth Nixon took the title of Print - Portrait with her photo 'Adriaan', with Roger Shelden runner-up with his picture 'Big Al'. The other finalists was Julie Barrien.