Harvest sees Strathalbyn site record its biggest December in a decade

Growers delivered more than 5.7 million tonnes this harvest into Viterra's network across South Australia and western Victoria.

The Strathalbyn site recorded its biggest December of grain deliveries on record in at least 10 years. More than 1.1 million tonnes was delivered into the Eastern region during harvest.

Viterra operations manager Michael Hill said growers delivered the first load of grain to Viterra's Strathalbyn site in late November, which was a delivery of barley.

"A few weeks of warmer weather followed which gave growers the opportunity to get a good run of harvesting in and we saw deliveries into the site ramp up through December," he said.

Wheat and barley was received during the site's busy December, which Mr Hill said held up well.

"The quality of grain was really good and consistent, and grower feedback is that they were happy with their yields and pricing," he said.

"We communicated with growers regularly and adjusted opening hours so the site was open later during the week and open on the weekends as it was needed.

"Strathalbyn was well supported and we thank growers for their efforts in helping to ensure operations went smoothly during harvest."

Mr Hill also congratulated Viterra employees who provided a high-level of service to customers during a busy time.

Viterra released new services in time for the harvest which included the digital delivery advice to save growers' time and streamline the delivery process.

"We've received feedback from growers right across the region that the new service is a great initiative and to expect more customers to jump on board," Mr Hill said.

With grower deliveries wrapping up, the site has already started to outturn, connecting South Australian grain to domestic and international markets.

"We have 40 buyers in the Viterra system as well as a strong upcoming shipping schedule on behalf of 13 exporters, giving growers access to multiple buyers and markets," Mr Hill said.

Viterra has also released its postharvest survey on its website as part of its postharvest review of operations, which Mr Hill encourages grower and carrier customers to complete.

"It is important to get feedback from our customers so that we can continue to improve and provide a service that they value," Mr Hill said.