Water activities are stopped at Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island

It is school holiday time and the temperature is perfect for swimming, but one of the safe havens for enjoying water activities is closed.

As a result of scheduled testing, the City of Victor Harbor has received readings higher than the guideline value for Enterococci faecalis (a faecal indicator bacteria) in more than one location in the Encounter Lakes System.

Subsequently, the Encounter Lakes Waterway and Franklin Island Waterway are closed for swimming and recreational use.

"As the lake is an open environment, with many potential nutrient and contamination inputs, Enterococci bacteria fluctuates with each water quality test. Contamination may originate from stormwater debris, animal faecal matter and fertilisers or composts used in gardens," council spokesperson said.

The City of Victor Harbor will perform a flush of the lakes as soon as tide levels permit and continue to undertake testing.

The lakes will be reopened as soon as the water is again suitable for swimming and recreational use.

"Council undertakes regular testing of water samples from Franklin Island and Encounter Lakes monthly in peak times (December to April) and then in July/August to ensure waters are safe for recreational activities," the spokesperson said.

"Events where Enterococci levels spike above guideline values which require closure of the lake is not common and is done in the interest of public health."