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Harnessing the power of Google Ads

UNCAPPED POTENTIAL: Google allows advertisers to capitalise off its widespread use, offering multiple advertising options for all businesses. Photo: supplied.

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There's no doubt in most minds that Google holds the ultimate power in the world of the internet, deciding how people use it and what they see.

Since its inception in 1998, it has become synonymous with 'search', with people using the words interchangeably, and when questions arise that cannot be answered, we've become accustomed to just 'googling' it.

With its incredible reach, the blatant trust that users have in search result rankings, and the sheer volume of data that the platform holds, it would be a crying shame not to utilise Google for advertising reasons.

Fortunately, Google allows businesses to capitalise on its magnitudinal use, providing multiple different advertising options, in different formats.

To non-specialist people, Google ads might seem overwhelming, but to the team at First Page, it's second nature. They offer Google Ads services that cater to all business sizes, industries and goals.

All the hype around Google ads, begs the question - what types of Google ads exist, and how should they fit into your business' strategy?

What types of Google Ads are available to businesses?

Google has all of the data to determine what businesses need when it comes to online advertising, and they provide a comprehensive offering.

Google search ads are placed on the results page, above and below the results, and are most effective when employed with powerful copywriting and an undeniable offer. They allow businesses to maintain a strong ranking in fierce competition, creating brand credibility and authority in certain industries.

Display ads utilise the Google Display Network and appear across millions of websites on the internet, of businesses who have opted in. They are highly versatile, and an ideal option for businesses wanting to promote their aesthetically pleasing products, like travel companies and clothing retailers.

The beauty of Google Display ads is that advertisers can select specific websites to place their ads on, and also retarget ads to re-engage consumers who've already viewed their products but not yet purchased.

Video ads are an obvious offering for Google, who own Youtube, the second most visited website on the internet. Advertisers can display their videos, and an in-depth look at their products, before, during and after video content. These can be highly targeted, and very successful, as video is such a powerful tool to get efficient messaging out.

Google shopping ads help advertisers to compete with e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay, despite not actually selling on them. Google shows your products to potential customers who are actively searching for said products, in the search results page. These ads are accurately targeted and naturally effective as they're displayed directly where consumers are already looking for your product.

The diversity available in Google ads is a compelling reason in itself to implement them in your strategy. The best strategies vary according to objectives, industries and business size.

The best strategy for your business

Starting a Google ads campaign without agency assistance is a completely viable option that can yield good results with a carefully considered strategy. It involves selecting the most appropriate ad format, and then setting up your instructions for budget, max bid, conversion goals, clicks and impressions.

It also involves careful monitoring of metrics, to determine if there are any elements in your strategy that are falling short, such as landing pages. Even with an extensive ads strategy, your landing page must be fully optimised to convert leads into sales, and without well-aligned copy, branding and imagery, an ad strategy will not perform to its potential.

The management that goes into Google Ads strategies is time consuming and exhaustive, and while entirely plausible for business owners to go it alone, it's best to call in the experts.

First Page have years of experience, volumes of data and have spent uncountable hours performing A/B testing to determine what ads work best. They have in-house teams of experts, specialising in everything from copywriting, to data analysis, allowing them to elevate every aspect of a businesses online presence.

Partnering with an agency providing Google Ads services, like First Page, is arguably a businesses best chance at increasing revenue and harnessing the power of Google ads.